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Conroe Bible Fellowship Church is a nonprofit organization that was founded in August of 1996 in Conroe, Texas.  The president of the organization is Will Graves, Jr. the secretary is Annette Graves and the initial treasurer was Cheryl O’Neil, that position is currently held by Lonnie Organ.  The church is structured with an executive board that oversees the day to day operations of the organization and an advisory board that assists in decision making.  The executive board members are Will Graves, Jr., Annette Graves and Billy Graves and the advisory board consists of Chery O’Neil Hightower, Laura Graves, Edward Washington and Dorothy Washington. 

Conroe Bible Fellowship Church held the first service in a local hotel conference room on the second Sunday in August of 1996. Church attendance for Sunday morning worship grew steadily, and the church began the search for a larger facility. Soon, the organization began renting property located at 2000 N. First Street in Conroe. After several meetings with the executive and advisory board members, an offer was proposed to purchase the property.


In November 1999, Conroe Bible Fellowship Church purchased the building and property.  Several improvements were made to the facility including outside landscaping.  These improvements included new carpet, advanced sound equipment, new paint inside and outside of the building, and a new roof in 2003.  A major upgrade to the property was that the parking lot was asphalted.  As attendance continued to grow the church organization was forced to expand and build.  This growth lead to the purchase of 4.5 acres of land at 1035 Airport Road.   Once the loan for the land was paid off in two years, we started the vision of building our new facility with the membership making weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pledges.  Conroe Bible Fellowship Church broke ground in 2008 and in December 2010, we moved into our current location. Continuing with our vision and using the pledges collected from the members, we were able to complete our facility without taking out an additional loan.